About Voice

It’s time to be heard

Converged Voice

Jack of all trades, master of VoIP

Centracom offers a truly converged Voice Solution, through its VoIP infrastructure, with the ability to integrate into existing on-site PBX’s, provide a hosted PBX solution, or even offer next generation Smartphone App based solutions. Centracom’s Voice Solution delivers leading voice quality at cost-effective Voice rates through its leading VoIP infrastructure.

Free Inter-branch Calls

Yip you read that right.

Another way that we’ve lowered your costs is by making all inter-branch calls on the Centracom network free! That’s right… gratis, nada, nix! And you won’t have to change anything on your PBX or number ranges. Now imagine if all your branches were on Centracom – you’d never have to pay for a call within your business again. Plus, if you have a home or remote office, we can also connect them to our network using ADSL and all calls will be free between your offices. What are you waiting for? Get connected today!

Voice Network Quality – MOS Rating

It’s loud and clear why we’re one of the best.

Every call on the Centracom Network is rated every 10 seconds by Centracom’s leading Oracle Communications Operations software. This gives you a MOS (Mean Opinion Score) Rating, which measures the voice quality across a network. 1 is the worst and 5 is the best. Centracom’s Voice Network has an average MOS rating of 4.2.

This is a breakdown of where we are and what it means:

4 – 5 Excellent: Carrier / fixed line quality
3 – 4 Fair: Some imperfections; relatively clear (Cell Phones)
2 – 3 Annoying: Voice over 3G and Edge
1 – 2 Impossible to communicate

Automatic Failover

We like to call it the bench warmer.

Our Voice Solutions are installed with Telkom as failover for additional on-site redundancy. And should one of our 3 supplier networks go down, calls will automatically switch networks so that your service is uninterrupted.

Number Portability

Your number goes where you go.

By porting your existing numbers through Centracom, you won’t have to pay for costly Telkom lines and you can keep your existing phone number for life (even if you move offices). Imagine the savings!