About Connectivity

The most important communication choice you can make

How We Do It

Centracom offers connectivity through Diginet, DSL, Fibre, Fixed Wireless, Mobile Wireless and Network Services. Centracom aggregates its connectivity from multiple networks into its MPLS core, allowing it to offer cost-effective pricing through economies of scale, and to offer a massive infrastructure footprint, covering 98% of South Africa. Centracom has partnered with leading hardware and network providers to deliver an infrastructure solution that is first-class, resilient, secure, competitive, and most importantly promotes business growth.


We prioritise your traffic the way you want it

Even though all data packets in the Centracom network are seen as important, some data packets are considered more vital than others; a Voice data packet is labelled as a VIP packet for example. This means it will be treated like a VIP by skipping any queues that may exist anywhere within our network. Think of it like this: your Voice call vs your Internet browsing – your Voice call has to take priority.